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Cornerstone publishes book catalogs periodically. Represented are various topics which are offered as a help to those in ministry and serious Bible readers. Our goal is to help with the growth of your faith. A main topic, which rotates on our different list shifts from commentaries to biographies to sermons/preaching. This is followed by others, including Bibles, new books, and hundreds of titles which are in the category of miscellaneous religion and theology. The majority of these are conservative, while others are for reference. Let us know if you are seeking a particular title. We have other titles not listed.

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Thank you for visiting Cornerstone Books. We hope this web site will be helpful to you in locating and obtaining books for reading and study. If you are already familiar with our ministry from ordering books by mail or telephone, we trust this home page will benefit your efforts to find the titles you need and learn more about books in general. 

Other Books

All About The Bible

The author traces the Bible’s origin on thru history with its many translations. Difficult passages are dealt with along with alleged errors and supposed contradictions. The Bible is compared with other sacred books and shown to be infallibly revealing God’s truth. Hardcover/dust jacket/c1972. $15.00

Thru The Bible – Leather

This is the well-respected work by McGee which covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. His thoughts and friendly expostion give this set a broad appeal with useful insight for the regular Bible reader and those who teach. This five volume set is bound in burgundy leather. Rare. $275.00

Life on the Highest Plane

This work brings together three significant components of the Christian’s spiritual life. In three portions, it offers valuable insight into the person and work of Jesus Christ; His relation to the Christian; the Holy Spirit’s inworking; the classic one volume edition. Hardcover/dust jacket/1928. $25.00


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