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Cornerstone publishes book catalogs periodically. Represented are various topics which are offered as a help to those in ministry and serious Bible readers. Our goal is to help with the growth of your faith. A main topic, which rotates on our different lists shifts from commentaries to biographies to sermons/preaching. This is followed by others, including Bibles, new books, and hundreds of titles which are in the category of miscellaneous religion and theology. The majority of these are conservative, while others are for reference. Let us know if you are seeking a particular title. We have other titles not listed.

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Thank you for visiting Cornerstone Books. We hope this web site will be helpful to you in locating and obtaining books for reading and study. If you are already familiar with our ministry from ordering books by mail or telephone, we trust this home page will benefit your efforts to find the titles you need and learn more about books in general. 

Other Books

John Murray

These volumes are the substance of the

lifework of John Murray who followed
in the conservative line of Warfield and
Hodges. He was a principal in Westminster
Theological Seminary. Vol. 1, Claims of
Truth; Vol. 2, Lectures in Systematic Theology; Vol. 3, His Life, Sermons, Reviews; Vol. 4, Studies in Theology. These volumes are clean throughout. Excellent reference. Priced at $220.00

Thomas Newberry

The Newberry Study Bible was prepared by

Thomas Newberry, originally issued in six
volumes in 1886. This is the large-type
reference edition, a facsimile of the original. This is the scarce 1960 edition by Kregel. It contains multiple Greek/Hebrew helps. F.F. Bruce: “a far superior” aid to Bible study. Horatio Bonar: “…beyond all price.” Charts, map, and supplement are included.  $200.00

William Tyndale

This is William Tyndale’s translation of the

New Testament published in 1534. It contains his prefaces and notes, with variants from the 1525 edition. This is a facsimile reprint in the old English style in 628 pages. The dust jacket has some fading and wear, now in mylar. It is clean throughout. Price: $65.00

The Scots Worthies

Many believers today are in need of remembering the price paid which kept the Gospel message of truth alive. Martyrs must not be forgotten. The lives of the Scottish saints are an example to saints today. Surely, these men received the crown of life from the Lord Jesus.

The Scots Worthies

This present edition of the “Scots Worthies” is from the original work as it passed, revised and enlarged, from the hands of the author in 1781. It brings to light the trials and open persecution of the faithful men who held fast to Reformation principles in Scotland. They signed the National Covenant in 1638. Thousands paid dearly for their faithfulness to Christ and the Gospel. This copy published c1870 is priced at $40.00.

Thomas Brooks

These six volumes are by Thomas Brooks who was a powerful voice in the 17th century London. Spurgeon said his words are “marvelously rich” with marginal notes “more valuable than pages of ordinary writers.” This is the complete set, published in 1866-67 and reprinted by Banner of Truth in 2001. The books show no use and are clean and solid. $220.00


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